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01 June 2018

Insurance for the Construction Industry

Among the numerous companies and businesses having a need for sufficient insurance coverage, the construction market faces hazardous and high-risk conditions that call for the right coverage to fully shield companies from the possible risk of accidents, property damage and legal actions. Developers, builders and contractors need commercial construction insurance tailored to their own specific...
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04 May 2018

WC News: Giant California Workers Compensation Fraud Ring Exposed

According to Business Insurance.Com, a large group of California doctors, pharmacists and business owners will be facing insurance fraud charges resulting from a $40 million fraudulent workers comp medical billing and kickback scheme that was uncovered by federal, state and local insurance regulators. The nefarious scheme that siphons off millions of dollars from insurers was...
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06 April 2018

Workers Comp Checklist for New Contractors

Getting into the contracting business can be a great experience, especially when you consider the freedom you’ll have over your schedule and even the customers you decide to take on. In most states, however, there is very little freedom when it comes to the types of insurance you must have in order to be licensed....
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02 March 2018

What to Do if Your Contracting Business is Being Sued

Recently, a general contractor (GC) in Texas was suing one of its subcontractors for $27 million because of project delays. As reported by Construction Dive, the GC was alleging the subcontractor’s actions caused construction on a $350 million hotel project to fall behind schedule. Missed deadlines are a typical dilemma in the construction world. That’s...
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