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Build Your Pressure Washing Business with Thumbtack

Certainly, the most important part of any business is the customers, especially repeat customers. One of the advantages of being a pressure washer contractor is that walls, decks, windows, and roofs get dirty over time and a pressure washer contractor, one a book of business is built sufficiently, will typically have repeat customers. The hard part, however, is building that initial book of customers. Thumbtack for contractors just may be the best place to start.

Now, in 2018 and going forward, getting prospective customers is much easier than it was in the past. No more expensive phonebook ads, door knocking, or begging for referrals because now we have the internet! If a contractor is willing to share some of his or her earnings with a company like Thumbtack, they can get jobs much quicker and easier than ever before. Contractors just need to do a great job and keep their customers happy and those happy and loyal customers will typically come back for more. Oh, and don’t forget that happy customers can become raving fans and send your business referral after referral.

How Thumbtack Works

Through internet and TV advertising, Thumbtack offers prospective customers services of independent contractors across the country. Through the Thumbtack web platform, Thumbtack is able to introduce prospective clients to hard-working contractors who have proven that they are ready and willing to do a great job at a fair price and Thumbtack removes the hassle usually associated with finding and hiring an experienced contractor to do the job needed at a time that works for both parties.

Whether you’re a pressure washer contractor, painting contractor, or carpentry contractor, Thumbtack will find those valuable leads that you used to search high and low for. You can think of Thumbtack as a lead generation service that delivers leads from people who have seen your profile and are interested in talking to you. Thumbtack makes money by selling you the leads they find for you and you make money by getting hired and doing a great job.

What are Contractors Saying About Thumbtack?

First of all, let’s get the disclaimer out of the way. Neither the author nor Fairbanks Insurance Brokers have any financial arrangement with Thumbtack.

We did some research on the internet and on YouTube to find out what contractors are saying about Thumbtack. Like with other services we’ve researched, there are contractors who feel like Thumbtack has helped them build a solid book of customers and other contractors who felt like they’ve been scammed. Knowing this, we’ve provided some pro and con videos that could help you decide if Thumbtack would be a good resource for leads.

Important Note: These videos can run about 10 minutes long. Watch them to the end and then check out the comments below the videos to see how others are reacting.


A roofing contractor who swears by Thumbtack

Roofing Insights – roofing and gutter installation

Thumbtack Has Exploded My Business 


Photography Studio

Home Remodel Contractor

Final thoughts about Thumbtack

There are now over 10 million people using Thumbtack and the company is worth over $1 billion with investors like Google. Although this is just a small offering of Thumbtack reviews; if you’ll take the time to read the comments posted below the video you’ll learn a lot more.

Whether you decide to use Thumbtack or any of the other job boards that are now available on the internet, make sure your business is licensed and insured before you start accepting new customers.

Here is What We Recommend

General Liability: Contractors General Liability will be the foundation of protection for your business. The coverage will respond if you or your employees are found liable for bodily injury, property damage, or have a products/completed operations complaint. The coverage also covers defense costs for your business to respond to any lawsuits brought by a third party.

Workers’ Comp: Many states will require contractors to provide workers’ compensation coverage for their workers before they can begin a project. Accidents will happen at the job site that can result in an employee becoming injured and missing work. Your workers’ compensation coverage will provide financial assistance for medical expenses and lost wages.

Surety Bonds: It’s very likely that your state will require you to be licensed before you can begin operations. Most states and customers will require contractors to offer a license or surety bond before you are allowed to bid on a job or begin working.

Commercial Auto: Typically, most contractors will have light and heavy vehicles that require commercial auto insurance to make certain their vehicles can be repaired or replaced in the event of an accident, vandalism, or theft.

Tool Coverage: Also known as Inland Marine Insurance, this policy will provide for reimbursement for expenses to repair or replace tools and equipment. Your tools represent an important part of your livelihood, so we always encourage carpentry contractors to consider this valuable coverage.

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