Pressure Wash Contractors

Pressure Washing Contractors are needed for residential and commercial cleaning. Many times a pressure washer must work from an elevated position, on top of high structures, or within commercial spaces like large kitchens. Certainly, an employee is very susceptible to injuries if they should fall from an elevated position or are exposed to strong cleaning agents while working on the job. The risk of property damage is present since the pressure equipment puts out a stream of water at a significant PSI. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers has prepared a package of coverages to provide the financial protection required for your business.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Your general liability policy will pay in the event that an injury or property damage is a result of your business’s operation. Your policy will cover your business for defense costs, settlement costs, and judgments awarded by the court.

Workers' Comp

Certainly, you want to make certain that your employees’ medical expenses are covered in the event they are injured on the job or have to deal with a job-related illness. The workers’ compensation policy not only protects your employees, but also your business from injury or illness related lawsuits.

Surety Bonds

Most states and many customers may require pressure washing contractors to provide a surety bond before you are you can begin working on a project. Your bond is a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and your customer that you will complete the job according to the project agreement.

Commercial Auto

Pressure washing contractors should not take the chance insuring their company vehicles on a personal auto policy. Your commercial auto policy will offer higher limits, allow unlimited vehicles, and unlimited drivers.

Tool Coverage

Pressure washing contractors use expensive equipment every day for every job. Insuring this equipment will offer the financial protection your business needs if your equipment is damaged due to a covered peril or stolen from the job site or while in transit.


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