Masonry Contractors

When it comes to employee injuries, property damage, lost or stolen tools and equipment, masonry contractors are no strangers to these everyday risks. Using hazardous tools such as chisels, metal straightedges, and heavy equipment, makes it all the more necessary that masonry contractors consider a comprehensive insurance package for critical financial protection. Masonry Contractor’s Insurance will provide the appropriate coverage for each and every risk, and provide financial protection in the event of a third party claim against your company.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Masonry contractor’s general liability provides the protection needed in the event your company is liable for bodily injury, property damage, or product installation failure. Third party lawsuits can be significantly expensive to defend, so your company can rely on the general liability insurance to financially respond to your defense costs, settlement costs, and judgments awarded by the court

Workers' Comp

Masonry contractor employees are continually exposed to the risks of injuries, illnesses, and lost wages while on the job. Your workers’ compensation insurance will take care of medical expenses, the resulting lost wages, and even help with funeral expenses when necessary. Your state licensing board is going to require this valuable coverage before issuing your company a license to operate.

Surety Bonds

Many states require masonry contractors to become licensed before they can begin work on a project. Typically, a contractor’s bond is one of the requirements to become licensed. The contractor’s bond serves as a financial guarantee in the event a project is not completed timely and properly. It can also serve as a guarantee that vendors, suppliers, and subcontractors are paid accordingly.

Commercial Auto

Masonry contractors typically rely on trucks and vans to transport tools and equipment to the job site. The commercial auto policy will protect your business vehicles while on the job or traveling to and from the job site. The policy will provide financial protection if any or your insured vehicles or trailers are damaged or stolen.

Tool Coverage

Masonry contractors rely on various tools and equipment that allow them to complete every project effectively. Our mason tool and equipment coverage, also referred to as Inland Marine Insurance, will reimburse your company for the repair or replacement of lost, stolen, or damaged tools and equipment.


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