Landscape Contractors

As a landscaping contractor, your business involves multiple services such as lawn care, tree and shrub trimming, and fertilizing. All contractors are exposed to accident risks and Lawn and Landscaping Contractors are not immune to accidents that cause injuries or property damage. Lawn mowers can throw a rock that could cause serious injury and expensive shrubs could be damaged from trimming or fertilizer applications. In every case, your business needs to be protected for everyday lawn and landscaping risks using affordable insurance solutions. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers have represented multiple insurance carriers that will provide the coverage you need to put an effective hedge of protection around your business. Typical coverages recommended are General Liability, Workers’ Comp, Tool Coverage, Commercial Auto, and Surety Bonds.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

General Liability is the foundation coverage for landscaping contractors. While using tools that cut, trim, and prune, landscape contractors are continually facing the risk of injuries and property damage. This coverage offers the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your business will be financially protected in the event of a claim.

Workers' Comp

Workers’ Comp will protect your employees in the event they are injured or become ill from a job related incident. Your policy will help pay for medical expenses, lost wages, and some funeral expenses. The state you work in will define the minimum required coverage limits for your landscaping business that will provide critical coverage in the event of an accident.

Surety Bonds

Many states and customers require landscaping contractors to offer a license or surety bond before you are allowed to open for business. The bond acts as a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and your customer that you will complete the job according to your bid and pay any venders or subcontractors.

Commercial Auto

Your landscapers commercial auto policy will cover your business vehicles and trailers for liability if you or an insured driver are found liable for an at-fault accident. The policy also covers your vehicles and trailers if they or damaged or stolen.

Tool Coverage

Also known as Inland Marine Insurance, this policy will reimburse you and your business if your insured assets are damaged or stolen at the job site or while in storage. The coverage also extends to property in transit which is typical for landscaping contractors.


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