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Contractor Tool and Equipment Insurance ImageGet A QuoteStop overpaying for inland marine coverage!
Just a few minutes can save up to 65% or more with the nation's highest-rated insurance carriers –





Inland Marine


Stop overpaying for inland marine coverage!
Just a few minutes can save up to 65% or more with the nation’s highest-rated insurance carriers –

Coverage For Your Tools

Our Contractors' Inland Marine programs provide ironclad protection for your tools, material, and equipment — leaving you with peace of mind to focus on the task at hand –

What is Contractors’ Inland Marine Insurance?

Inland Marine insurance indemnifies loss to a wide variety of moveable property and materials.

What does it Cover?

The four main types of property coverage we offer:

  • Contractor’s Equipment, Materials, and Hand Tools
  • Structures Under Construction (Builders’ Risk)
  • Property in Transit (Cargo)
  • Computer Equipment and Data

Contractors’ inland marine will also cover unique and expensive items:

  • Accounts Receivable Data
  • Cameras
  • Surveying Equipment
  • Property in Exhibition
  • Equipment Dealers’ Property
  • Property Under Care, Custody and Control
How am I Protected?

Contractors’ inland marine insurance will provide businesses essential coverage for lost or damaged items, including material and supplies from installation exposures.

The policy provides coverage on an all-risk or named perils basis, with some perils generally excluded:

  • Normal wear and tear to covered property
  • Damage due to a weakness intrinsic to the property
  • Insect or vermin damage
  • War or civil commotion
  • Delay, loss of market, loss of use
  • Loss resulting from civil authority
Do I need to list every item, or can I buy blanket coverage for everything?

Each carrier’s underwriting guidelines may vary depending on the property type and value. Generally, more valuable items are listed individually on a schedule, whereas less valuable items are insured collectively with blanket coverage.

Why is it important to carry a Contractors’ Inland Marine Policy?

Contracting businesses that either own inventory, tools, and equipment or have other’s property under their care, custody, and control should carry a contractors’ inland marine policy. Not only is it important to know that you have coverage on your business property, but equally as important that there is coverage on the property you are responsible for while it’s under repair or maintenance.

What are my Payment Options?

Our programs offer various payment options when purchasing your inland marine policy.

Full Payment Option – Pay the premium with one payment.
Direct Bill Option – Pay the monthly premium to the carrier directly.
Financing Option – Pay the monthly premium through a finance company.

Why choose Fairbanks Insurance Brokers?

Our licensed specialists have countless years of experience customizing inland marine policies to meet each contractor’s unique trade.

If you’re in the market for an inland marine policy with a low price any contractor can afford, you can look no further. We got you!


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