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03 November 2017

Inland Marine Insurance or Builders Risk?

There are numerous different insurance policies to pick from when you’re developing the insurance protection that’s ideal for your construction contractors business. Builders risk and inland marine are both essential insurance policies for contractors and subcontractors to think about, but they overlap...
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06 October 2017

General Liability Exclusions

Most contractors understand that in many states there are specific licensing requirements that must be fulfilled to get that coveted license that will allow you to compete legally in your specific industry. One of those requirements is generally going to be General...
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01 September 2017

Construction Defect Lawsuits

Construction defects are problem areas in a building that are the consequences of errors made in either designing or craftsmanship. For example, defects are often revealed in the construction documentation, like a mistake in the architect’s drawings. But they can also be...
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06 August 2017

Contractor Bonds 101

There are many different types of construction bonds that contractors use to guarantee construction work that is required by most state governments in their attempt to financially protect consumers, vendors, and workers. Knowing this, we have created contractor bonds 101 to help...
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02 June 2017

General Liability FAQs

Most contractors are aware of their need for contractors General Liability coverage because either their state requires having this coverage to protect your customers, or they sincerely understand the risks that are associated with owning a business. Certainly, any contractor that has...
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