Housekeeping Contractors

In today’s busy work environment, especially when both spouses are working, housekeeping service contractors stay busy to help keep homes and businesses clean and tidy. Housekeepers perform many functions and typically work around other people’s property. If the property is damaged while you’re in house or business, you could be held liable for replacing it. Most homes and businesses contain expensive electronics that could be damaged as a result of your operation in the premises. To protect your business from taking a large financial hit in the event of an accident, the insurance professionals at Fairbanks Insurance Brokers strongly recommend that you consider all of the coverages in our Housekeeping Service Contractors package.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Commercial General Liability has remained the cornerstone in protecting any business. The coverage responds in the event your business causes bodily injury or property damage to a third party. The coverage also covers defense costs for your business to respond to any lawsuits brought by a third party.

Workers' Comp

Your business is protected by a workers’ compensation policy that will pick up the costs if your employees are injured or become ill due to job-related reasons. By having a workers’ compensation policy in place, your employees are unable to bring an action against your business if they are injured on the job.

Surety Bonds

Many states and customers require housekeeping contractors to offer a license or surety bond before you can begin operations. The bond is a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and your customer that you will complete the job according to your service agreement.

Commercial Auto

If you use your vehicle to travel to and from the job site, many personal auto policies will exclude coverage for business use and so the commercial auto policy will be needed. The coverage provided will pay for liability resulting from an at-fault accident and provide protection for your vehicle if damaged in an accident, damaged by vandalism, or stolen.

Tool Coverage

If your housekeeping service provides the tools and equipment needed to perform various tasks, you can insure them for damage and theft while at the job site, in transit, or in storage. The inland marine policy is the perfect way to be financially protected in the event of a loss.


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