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Window Installer InsuranceGet A QuoteDon't break the bank on overpriced coverage!
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with the nation's top window installation insurance programs –




Installer Insurance

Don’t break the bank on overpriced coverage!
A quick call or online quote can save you up to 65% or more with the nation’s top window installation insurance programs –

Coverage for Glazing Contractors

As a leader in commercial insurance products for the construction industry, our Glazing Contractor’s specialty packages offer a wide variety of protection against the everyday risks found on a job site -

Why do I need Contractors Insurance?

Contractors’ insurance protects against the financial risks present at all stages of business operations.

Glazing contractors select, cut, assembles, and install glass items into a fixed opening or structure. Glazing contractors encircle themselves with risk due to the use of sharp cutting tools and glass surfaces which creates hazardous exposure to employees and third parties for bodily injury and property damage liability.

A formidable glazing contractors’ insurance portfolio will place a financial hedge between your business and unanticipated business claims –

Our Recommended Products

General Liability

Glazing contractors’ general liability is the foundation of coverage, protecting your business against third-party lawsuits. It shields your company if legal action occurs from bodily injury or property damage.

Glaziers’ general liability insurance will also provide the resources to defend your company against a covered claim.

Workers' Comp

A window installer workers’ comp policy will provide essential coverage for employee medical expenses and lost wages that result from work-related injuries or illnesses.

Most states require employers to carry glazing contractors’ workers’ compensation insurance to maintain an active license. Non-compliance can lead to severe penalties or result in employee lawsuits who become injured on the job.

Surety Bonds

Licensing boards may require an active glazing contractor bond to issue a license.

A window contractor surety bond is not a contractors’ insurance policy. It’s written to protect or provide a financial guarantee for the state authority, project owners, or suppliers.

A glazing contractor surety bond provides a financial remedy to interested parties if you fail to complete the project, pay your subs, or pay your suppliers.

Commercial Auto

A glazing contractors’ business auto policy will cover commercial vehicles for liability if you or an insured driver is found liable for an at-fault accident.

Window installation contractors’ commercial auto policies allow higher insurance limits to account for increased risk exposure due to the hazardous nature of the trade, protect against substantial third-party lawsuits and replace or repair damaged, stolen, or vandalized vehicles.

Inland Marine

Glazing contractors use expensive equipment every day for every job.

Window installers’ inland marine insurance provides financial protection if the business equipment you own, rent, or lease is damaged due to a covered peril, stolen from the job site, or in transit.


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