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Contractors Insurance

Keep your hard-earned cash where it belongs — in your pocket!
A quick call or online quote can save you up to 65% or more with the nation’s premier insurance programs –

Coverage for General Contractors

Our General Contractors' Insurance programs offer cost-effective coverage solutions, with the advantage of maximum discounts applied automatically -

Why do I need Contractors Insurance?

Contractors’ insurance protects against the financial risks present at all stages of business operations.

A general contractor oversees and manages construction projects, typically from start to finish. Operations include coordinating with subcontractors, obtaining necessary permits and licenses, and ensuring the project is completed on time and within budget.

They manage the entire construction process, from initial planning and budgeting to final inspection and delivery, which comes with inherent risks, such as cost overruns, project delays, and legal liabilities.

A formidable insurance package is essential to mitigate these risks.

Our Recommended Products

General Liability

A comprehensive insurance protection package is built upon a solid foundation of general contractors’ liability coverage.

Many state licensing boards mandate that general contractors’ liability insurance be in place prior to the commencement of business operations.

For general contractors aware of the constant risks present at an active job site, obtaining insurance coverage that includes protection for bodily injury liability, property damage liability, defense costs, and often, products-completed operations is crucial.

A general contractor liability policy provides this vital protection.

Workers' Comp

A general contractors’ workers’ compensation policy protects your employees in the event of job-related injuries or illnesses.

General contractor workers’ comp insurance covers medical bills, lost wages, and funeral expenses.

The minimum coverage limits are determined by the state in which you operate.

Most states impose severe penalties and fines on employers who do not maintain continuous general contractors’ workers’ compensation coverage.

Surety Bonds

A general contractors’ surety bond is a protection product that guarantees that you will fulfill your contractual obligations as per your bid, and subcontractors and vendors get paid upon completion.

Most states require a general contractor surety bond before commencing business operations.

Commercial Auto

General contractors who use personal vehicles for business purposes, such as transporting tools, equipment, and construction supplies, require commercial auto insurance to safeguard against an at-fault accident, theft, or vandalism.

General contractors’ commercial auto insurance allows for unlimited work vehicles and drivers.

A general contractor commercial policy will provide coverage up to $1 million combined single limits.

Inland Marine

General contractors rely on expensive tools and equipment for daily business operations.

General contractors’ tool and equipment insurance provides essential coverage against potential risks such as damage or theft during transit, storage, or at the job site.


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