Swimming Pool Contractors

Swimming Pool Contractors work behind the scenes to make sure your pool remains a sparkling blue and enticing. Typically, a pool service contractor provides cleaning services, balances the water chemistry, vacuums and brushes the pool, and makes sure the pump is humming to perfection. The risk for swimming pool services is in dealing with chemicals and being exposed to wet surfaces while walking around the pool. In every case, the pool service technician must also drive to and from the job site and is exposed to auto accident risks as well. Lifting equipment, being in the sunshine, and walking on wet surfaces certainly exposes the pool service contractor to injuries on the job and therefore a Swimming Pool Service Contractors insurance package should be considered. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers recommends General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Equipment coverage, and Commercial Auto Insurance to create the hedge of protection around each swimming pool technician and the business.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

Considered the foundation of every contractor insurance policy, general liability coverage protects your business from actions brought by a third-party (your customer) for injuries or property damage that result from your business operation.

Workers' Comp

Workers’ compensation will pay for medical expenses in the event an employee is injured or becomes ill on the job. Having a policy in place also protects the business from being sued by an employee for job related injuries and illnesses.

Tool/Equip Coverage

When tools and equipment are transported to the job site, these items can be stolen or damaged in a car accident. Your tool & equipment coverage (Inland Marine) will reimburse your company in the event your tools and equipment need to be replaced.

Commercial Auto

Since most personal auto policies exclude damages for property or liability, your commercial auto policy will cover your business vehicles for liability if you or an insured driver are found liable for an at-fault accident. It will also pay to repair or replace any of your company vehicles.

Contractor Bonds

Many states require pool service contractors to obtain a license or surety bond before you are allowed to bid on a job or begin working. This bond acts as a financial guarantee to your state’s licensing department and your customer that you will complete the job according to your bid.


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