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Enough venting! Turn down the heat on inflated insurance rates!
A quick call or online quote can save you up to 65% or more with the nation’s top HVAC general liability programs –

Coverage For Your Business

Our General Liability for HVAC Contractors provide a broad range of affordable insurance coverage, ensuring protection against the significant risks inherent in their daily construction operations –

What is HVAC Contractors’ Liability Insurance?

HVAC contractors’ liability insurance, or business liability coverage for HVAC technicians, provides a financial safety net against common business claims. This insurance acts as the primary recourse in the event of incidents or accidents that occur at job sites or premises.

Why do I need it?

Business Protection – General liability insurance for HVAC contractors is primarily geared towards safeguarding businesses from third-party lawsuits that may originate from the following:

  • Business Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Employee Liability

Company Compliance – Various job owners and state licensing regulators mandate an HVAC technicians’ liability insurance certificate before commencing operations.

Marketing Benefits – Offering proof of liability coverage for HVAC contractors instills trust in potential clients, emphasizing your commitment to ethical business practices and guaranteeing protection for all involved. This protective measure shields your business, strengthens your professional reputation, and enhances your prospects of securing successful bids.

Property Landlords – It’s standard practice for commercial leasing companies to request proof of adequate business liability insurance for HVAC technicians to obtain a lease.

What does it Cover?

General liability for HVAC businesses provides essential coverage for legal defense and damages, up to the specified policy limits, in the event that a third-party files a lawsuit against you due to bodily injury or property damage resulting from your business activities.

It offers protection to company owners, mitigating the impact of unexpected costs that can arise from:

  • Bodily Injury
  • Property Damage
  • Products-Completed Operations
  • Personal-Advertising Injury
  • Medical Payments
What is a Certificate of Insurance?

The issuance of a certificate of insurance serves as verification of HVAC liability coverage and the specified limits, which may be requested by clients, contractors, or other parties as a prerequisite for entering into a business partnership.

What is an Additional Insured?

An additional insured refers to an individual or entity, distinct from the policyholder, who is covered under an HVAC technician’s business liability policy. This endorsement is widely requested and considered the most common addition to a standard liability policy.

How much is it?

Several factors influence the cost of a general liability quote for an HVAC business, such as the nature of the work, claims history, coverage location, and previous or existing policies.

Leveraging our team’s vast industry expertise, we will conduct meticulous searches across renowned insurance providers to find the ideal coverage for your business, with a keen focus on aligning with your budgetary requirements.

What are my Payment Options?

Our programs give you the flexibility of choosing from various payment options when you purchase your general liability policy for HVAC technicians.

Full Payment Option – Pay the premium with one payment.
Direct Bill Option – Pay the monthly premium to the carrier directly.
Financing Option – Pay the monthly premium through a finance company.

What makes Fairbanks Insurance Brokers the Ideal Choice?

With a strong emphasis on construction insurance, we have formed alliances with esteemed providers. This empowers us to offer HVAC contractors exceptionally competitive rates on general liability quotes that fit any budget. Our solutions are meticulously designed to align perfectly with their specific needs and financial goals.


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    General Liability

    Appliance installation contractors’ general liability will be the foundation of protection for your business.

    This vital coverage safeguards your business against bodily injury, property damage, and products/completed operations complaints, offering defense costs for third-party lawsuits.

    Workers' Comp

    Most states mandate that appliance installation businesses provide their employees with appliance installers’ workers’ compensation insurance before initiating operations.

    An appliance installation contractors’ workers’ compensation policy will provide financial benefits for medical expenses and lost wages.

    Surety Bonds

    Appliance installation contractors’ surety bonds are a consumer protection product that financially guarantees a project will complete according to the agreed-upon terms of a bid.

    Various job owners or state regulators may require an appliance installation contractors’ surety bond before being allowed to bid on a project.

    Commercial Auto

    Typically, appliance installers will have light and heavy work trucks requiring an appliance installation contractor commercial auto policy to ensure their vehicles can be repaired or replaced in case of an accident, vandalism, or theft.

    An appliance installers’ business auto policy — also known as appliance installation contractors’ commercial auto insurance, provides essential coverage for the following:

    • Combined Single Limits (CSL)
    • Bodily Injury & Property Damage
    • Comprehensive & Collision Damage
    • Uninsured & Underinsured Motorist
    • Hired & Non-Owned Vehicles
    • Medical Payments
    • And Much More

    Inland Marine

    An appliance installation contractor inland marine policy will reimburse expenses to repair or replace tools and equipment.

    Appliance installation contractors’ tool and equipment insurance provides a broad range of coverage for such common perils:

    • Fire Damage
    • Wind Damage
    • Hail Damage
    • Water Damage