Contractors Insurance in Louisiana

Louisiana requires a building contractor be registered if construction work exceeds $75,000.00. Home improvement and repair contractor limits are between $7,500.00 and $75,000.00. If a repair or improvement exceeds this limit, the home improvement contractor must register as a building contractor.

Louisiana currently has for different types of contractor licenses:

  1. Residential – You must be licensed if the residential project exceeds $75,000 for materials and labor.
  2. Commercial – A license is required for commercial projects that exceed $50,000.
  3. Mold Remediation – A licensed is required regardless of job cost.
  4. Home Improvement – If a home improvement project exceeds $7,500, the contractor will need to be registered. If a home improvement project exceeds $75,000, the contractor will be required to have a residential license.

All contractors planning to do business in Louisiana should visit the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors website for complete information.

Louisiana requires all employers to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees whether they work part-time or full-time. Employers should visit the Louisiana Workforce Commission and Department of Labor website for more information.

Protect Your Business with Contractors Insurance from Fairbanks Insurance

All Louisiana contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors are exposed to risks while traveling to a jobsite or working at a jobsite. These risks are typically a result of legal actions brought against your business from a third-party but can also result from an employee getting injured or becoming ill as result of work-related circumstances.

The risks that Louisiana contractors face everyday can be transferred to a highly-rated commercial insurance company at affordable prices using Fairbanks Insurance Brokers.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

As the foundation of your commercial insurance package, general liability insurance provides a package of valuable coverages that every business can rely on:

  • Business liability resulting from claims for bodily injury or property damage from third parties.
  • Contractual Liability – often times contractors enter in contractual agreements with other contractors and must indemnify their business.
  • Products Completed Operations – If your business manufactures of installs products for customers, you could be held liable for actions that result from products and their installation.
  • Legal Costs – Every legal action filed against your company must be responded to and defended. Here is where your general liability insurance is invaluable.

Workers' Comp

Louisiana is designated as an NCCI State when it comes to workers’ compensation. This means that classes and rates are set by the National Council on Compensation Insurance. The state has also setup a state administered workers’ compensation fund to help businesses who have difficulty buying coverage from a private insurer.

Commercial Auto

New Mexico contractors that use vehicles and trailers for commercial purposes should only depend on commercial auto insurance to cover their liability for injuries or property damage and repair or replace their vehicles in the event of an accident or theft. Contractors who make the mistake of relying on personal auto insurance will likely find that coverage will not be available if the vehicle is regularly used for commercial purposes.

Tool Coverage

Your tools and equipment are not covered under your business property or commercial auto policy while in transport, in storage, or at the jobsite. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers provides affordable tool and equipment coverage using Inland Marine Insurance coverage from many highly-rated commercial insurers.

Surety Bonds

Most states require contractors to post a surety bond that protects the state before a license will be issued. Also, many large customers and government agencies will require a bid bond before they will even review your company’s bid for a project. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers has access to multiple bonding companies and can deliver any bond required at affordable rates.

Fairbanks Insurance Brokers is a leader in providing contractors insurance and is dedicated to providing Contractors and Builders the finest insurance protection at the lowest rates throughout the construction community.

With savings up to 65% on General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto and Bonds, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting and provide you the most competitive quote that includes all the discounts for which you qualify.


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