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Contractors Insurance

Stop overpaying for coverage in the Bay State!
A quick phone call can save you up to 65% or more with Massachusetts’s best contractors’ insurance programs –

Coverage for Massachusetts Contractors

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Why do I need Contractors Insurance?

Across the mainland United States, construction sites consistently rank among the most hazardous work locations, and the state of Massachusetts is no different. With contractors, subcontractors, and trades specialists in Massachusetts routinely exposed to various safety risks, construction projects serve as potential breeding grounds for workplace accidents. The substantial likelihood of employee injuries or property damage can push an inadequately insured business owner to the brink of financial collapse.

Our commercial liability solutions for Massachusetts contractors offer protection to construction companies against the high-risk hazards that come with their day-to-day business operations.

Protect Against the Unpredictable

For contractors interested in pursuing business opportunities in Massachusetts, we encourage visiting the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and carefully reviewing the Guidelines and Information for Contractors to verify the applicable laws, regulations, upfront fees and required documentation before starting operations.

Our licensed professionals are ready to assist Massachusetts contractors in transferring risk to a highly-rated insurance carrier that aligns with their budget and business needs, offering affordable premiums that cater to any financial plan.

Our Recommended Products

General Liability

Massachusetts contractors’ general liability is a key component of a robust commercial insurance portfolio.

A commercial liability policy for Massachusetts contractors — also called Massachusetts contractors’ business liability insurance — protects construction companies against third-party lawsuits arising from business activities or products.

Massachusetts contractors’ general liability insurance covers:

  • Business Liability
  • Contractual Liability
  • Defense Costs
  • And More

Workers' Comp

Massachusetts contractors’ workers’ compensation insurance includes coverage for accidental injuries and occupational illnesses that occur while an employee is working within the scope of their employment.

A workers’ compensation policy for Massachusetts contractors offers benefits that are accessible to workers who sustain injuries while performing their job duties:

  • Temporary Total Incapacity Benefits
  • Temporary Partial Incapacity Benefits
  • Permanent and Total Incapacity Benefits
  • Medical Benefits
  • Permanent Loss of Function or Disfigurement Benefits
  • Survivor and Dependents’ Benefits

All employers are required to carry Massachusetts contractors’ workers’ compensation for their employees.

We encourage visiting the website for specific employer coverage requirements to review Massachusetts contractors’ workers’ comp laws and regulations.

Surety Bonds

Massachusetts contractors’ surety bonds offer a financial guarantee to consumers, ensuring that the principal will abide by the terms and conditions specified in the work contract.

Massachusetts contractors’ surety bonds — not be mistaken for a contractors’ insurance policy — function more like a business line of credit, safeguarding consumers from potential default or failure to fulfill contractual obligations.

Large-scale project owners and government organizations may mandate construction companies obtain a Massachusetts contractor surety bond before bidding on a work contract.

Commercial Auto

Massachusetts contractors’ commercial auto insurance ensures coverage for your business vehicles in cases where you or an insured driver are held liable for an at-fault accident.

A Massachusetts contractors’ commercial auto policy safeguards your business vehicles and trailers against damages resulting from accidents, theft, or vandalism.

Massachusetts contractor business auto insurance offers expanded limits, additional coverage options, hired and non-owned liability, and typically no restrictions on the number of insured vehicles or drivers on the policy.

Commercial auto insurance for Massachusetts contractors provides coverage for:

  • Property Damage
  • Bodily Injury
  • Comprehensive Damage
  • Collision Damage
  • Hired & Non-Owned Vehicles
  • And More

Inland Marine

A Massachusetts contractors’ tool and equipment policy provides financial protection for business equipment, tools, products, and materials, whether located at a construction site, transported, or stored off-site.

Massachusetts contractors’ inland marine insurance offers comprehensive coverage against a wide range of common perils, including:

  • Wind Damage
  • Hail Damage
  • Fire Damage
  • Water Damage

Inland marine coverage for Massachusetts contractors includes specialized coverage for “installation” risks, vandalism, lost or stolen items, and damaged leased or rented equipment.


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