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Oregon Contractors Insurance

The perils of uncertainty have always been an essential component of construction life. Our Oregon Contractors' Insurance options protect Builders and Artisans of all trades against financial loss arising from an unexpected occurrence -

Why do I need Contractors Insurance?

Contractors’ insurance protects against the financial risks present at all stages of business operations.

The Oregon construction industry is a thriving but inherently dangerous business. When construction starts booming, so do the risks. Contractors of all trades of sizes risk bodily injury and property damage claims or direct lawsuits due to your products or services. Whether you operate your contractor’s business in Oregon or any other state, once you’re open for business, you’re open to risk from third-party or employment legal action.

A formidable Oregon contractors’ insurance package will safeguard your business in the event of an unforeseen incident.

Protect Against the Unpredictable

Oregon is more diligent than many other states regarding contractor licensing requirements. We urge all individuals seeking to join the Oregon construction community to visit the Oregon Construction Contractors Board to verify insurance requirements and determine if your operation mandates a license.

With affordable rates fit for any budget, our comprehensive commercial insurance programs provide peace of mind, financially protect your business, and allow you to face risk uncertainty head-on in a stress-free work environment.

Our Recommended Products

General Liability

The Oregon contractors’ general liability policy is the foundational coverage in a commercial insurance package.

Also known as contractors’ business liability insurance, Oregon contractors’ general liability insurance protects your business from claims involving third-party bodily injuries and property damage.

Oregon contractor general liability insurance provides the needed coverage for everyday risks, including:

  • Third-Party Bodily Injury Liability
  • Third-party Property Damage Liability
  • Products-Completed Operations
  • Personal Injury (Libel, Slander, and Infringement)
  • Defense costs

Workers' Comp

Oregon contractors’ workers’ compensation covers employees’ medical expenses if they are injured or become ill from work-related activities.

Oregon contractor workers’ comp insurance protects employers from financial liability for an injured employee’s medical expenses.

Oregon contractors’ workers’ comp is state regulated, enforcing its requirements and penalties at the state level.

Failure to comply with Oregon contractors’ workers’ compensation mandates can carry heavy fines and lead to severe penalties.

We urge all Oregon contractors to visit Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division to review and verify all workers’ comp regulations.

Surety Bonds

Most licensing boards, commercial customers, and government organizations require a contractor surety bond to bid or perform operations on a project.

It’s important to understand that the Oregon contractors’ surety bond is not an Oregon contractors’ insurance policy but is similar to a business line of credit.

Oregon contractors’ surety bonds protect contracted parties if the contractual obligations are not completed or fulfilled on time.

Commercial Auto

Company vehicles owned or used by your contracting business should be insured under an Oregon contractors’ commercial auto policy.

An Oregon contractor commercial auto policy provides higher liability limits, and there are typically no limits on the number of vehicles or drivers on the policy.

Oregon contractors’ commercial auto insurance provides coverage for liability and damages for a covered peril.

Inland Marine

Oregon contractors’ tools and equipment insurance covers equipment at risk of damage or theft.

Oregon contractor tools and equipment insurance, also known as Oregon contractors’ inland marine insurance, protects tools and equipment at a job site, in transit, or while in storage.

Oregon contractors’ inland marine can also cover an “installation” risk.


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