Contractors Insurance in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is considered fairly strict when it comes to contractor licensing since they require a contractor to be licensed if the total job cost is more than $1,000. Wisconsin will not issue a license to support multiple trades; instead, each contractor must obtain a license that is job-specific to their trade. Since each specific trade must be licensed, Wisconsin does not require licensing for general contractors.

To determine if your trade requires a license in Wisconsin, check the trades list at Wisconsin’s Department of Safety and Professional Services.

Wisconsin’s workers’ compensation requirements are lenient compared to many other states. Employers in Wisconsin who employ 3 or more employees (full or part-time) are required to carry coverage. Complete information about workers’ compensation requirements can be found on the State of Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development website. Employers who are unsure whether “independent contractors” will be counted as employees should review Wisconsin’s Independent Contractor 9 Part Test.

Wisconsin workers’ compensation insurance can be purchased from any commercial insurance company that is licensed in the state of Wisconsin.

Protect Your Business with Contractors Insurance from Fairbanks Insurance

General contractors, subcontractors, and specialty contractors operating in Wisconsin are continually exposed to risks while they operate their business. The most affordable way to protect you, your business, and your employees is to have a commercial insurance package from Fairbanks Insurance Brokers that will financially protect you when the inevitable happens.

Here is What We Recommend:

General Liability

As the foundational coverage in your commercial insurance package, your general liability policy will provide the coverage you need for everyday risks such as:

  • Third-party bodily injury liability
  • Third-party property damage liability
  • Products Completed Operation
  • Personal Injury (libel, slander, and copyright infringement)
  • Defense costs

Workers' Comp

The state of Wisconsin requires all contractors (unless specifically excluded) to carry workers’ compensation insurance. This coverage will pay an employee’s medical expenses and lost wages if he or she is injured or becomes ill because of work-related activities.

Commercial Auto

It’s important to understand that personal auto insurance typically excludes any claim that is business related. This means that your business can be exposed to substantial financial risk in the event of an at-fault accident. Having a commercial auto policy provides your business with higher liability limits and will cover practically any type of vehicle or trailer with no limit on the number of units or drivers.

Tool Coverage

Your tools and equipment that are used at the jobsite are important to you and can be very expensive to repair or replace. Having “inland marine insurance” transfers the risk of damage or stolen tools and equipment to a highly-rated insurance company at an affordable price. Your coverage will provide coverage while tools and equipment are in storage, in transit, or at the jobsite.

Surety Bonds

Your surety bonds will become a very important part of your commercial insurance package. Although bonds are not technically insurance products, they are a promise to pay to your customers and licensing board. Fairbanks Insurance Brokers can supply virtually any type of bond your business will need at very affordable rates.

Fairbanks Insurance Brokers is a leader in providing contractors insurance and is dedicated to providing Contractors and Builders the finest insurance protection at the lowest rates throughout the construction community.

With savings up to 65% on General Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial Auto and Bonds, you can count on us to do the heavy lifting and provide you the most competitive quote that includes all the discounts for which you qualify.


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